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First foods for your baby... why some commercially prepared veggies are better than homemade?

 So, your baby is already turning 6 months! Yea, it might seem like its been 6 years since she was born...long sleepless nights, feeding issues,  colic, you name it...undoubtably you've experienced all or some of these challenges. At least you have a new adventure to begin: WEENING and FEEDING SOLIDS! A very exciting time indeed, but albeit full of questions, especially if you're a first time mom.

One question that arises frequently is what exactly should a baby or toddler eat? Your baby's first food can determine his or her taste preferences and food habits for lifetime. Feeding a baby or toddler foods with added sugar or salt can lead to nurturing a junk-food lover. This can also lead to you baby becoming picky as she doesn't like the flavour of unseasoned food. Obesity and heart disease are long-term risks in these cases. 

Read labels and all ingredients (they appear in order of highest percentage of nutrient in packaged food item.) Choose foods that are additive free and preservative free. Pesticide and herbicide free would be ideal for fresh fruits and vegetables. Prepare foods yourself. You can freeze portions of pureed foods in ice cube trays. Peas, corn and sweet potatoes are good choices. Choose commercial spinach, beets, green beans squash, carrots as they contain nitrates that can lead to anaemia. They have been tested for nitrate content. 

As your wee one grows, allow her to "help" you in the kitchen. A love for food and culinary adventures await- for the both of you! 

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