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A Spontaneous dining experience with the best company!

So last night Ewan and I left the babies with the sitter and ran as fast as we could to the bus stop to catch the number 25 down to Leith. We were heading to the Volcano to catch a performance of Seagulls in the dilapidated church venue. It's truly a fringe experience,  to say the least!  You'll have to check it out for yourself to see what I mean. 

As we didn't have time to have a meal before the 6pm show we decided to head down to the waterfront to see if we could get lucky finding a table, anywhere, for two at 7:30. 

we walked by several places that looked intriguing but the kitchin looked extra special.  they also happened to have a no-show so they gave us a two -top right beside the kitchen. Ewan and I had no idea of what was about to happen. It was an unforgettable dining experience. Incredibly fresh, local (refer to the map!) and I tasted my first grouse. Talk about free range... this was the epitome of farm to table. Our cocktails, goblets of red wine, appetisers, amouse bouche, pre-desserts,  soufflé desserts,  and even sent home with a gift bag containing two shortbreads covered in dark chocolate (with a pinch of sea salt) layered on top of dulce de leche (which made for a delicious breakfast!) not exactly sure where they treated us so special maybe they knew this blog entry was coming. 

August in Edinburgh...Full of surprises++!

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