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It's Gettin' Hot...Back in the Kitchen We GOOOOO!!!

The past week I have been getting to know Jamie Oliver's new cookbook and I am loving it!  The recipes are simple.  And delicious.  I am getting to know new flavour combinations, and becoming reacquainted with old ones. This book has recharged me and inspired me. Cycling through variations of my 6-7 old faithful dishes was getting old (for me and for Ewan, I'm sure!) Here are a few combos that you might want to try yourself, or try again:

1. Harissa, mint and sweet bell peppers with chicken and red onions 

2. Curry paste, butternut squash and coriander with coconut milk 

3. Spinach, filo pastry, and spring onion with cod and cheddar 

4. Heritage carrots, pomegranate, mint with mixed grains and feta

There are several ways / methods to combine these foods. Pick up JO's 5 Ingredients and have fun with it! The recipes I've tried all take under 30 min to prepare (plus time in the oven.) 

Preparing meals for your family or friends is a wonderful way to spend time together. Now that winters coming, sharpen your knives and use your special serving dishes. We're all hungry! 

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