September 27, 2017

The past week I have been getting to know Jamie Oliver's new cookbook and I am loving it!  The recipes are simple.  And delicious.  I am getting to know new flavour combinations, and becoming reacquainted with old ones. This book has recharged me and inspired me. Cycli...

September 20, 2017

​​My winter jacket made its first appearance last week. Yea, not ready for that. But, then again, I never am. Even though you'll be covered up and hiding beneath layers of wool and flannel (assuming you're not living in the tropics) feeling fit and sexy through the nex...

September 13, 2017

 So, your baby is already turning 6 months! Yea, it might seem like its been 6 years since she was born...long sleepless nights, feeding issues,  colic, you name it...undoubtably you've experienced all or some of these challenges. At least you have a new adventure to b...

September 8, 2017

 As Miamians are making a mass exodus out of the Hurricane Irmas projected path, many people will be spending hours in the car headed for higher ground. Im thinking of all my loved ones there now. While your lives are severely disrupted, heres some positive (maybe even...

September 4, 2017

When I was met by care providers right after having my baby girls, not a single one enquired about my eating habits during the early days post-delievery or while breastfeeding. Of course I have an advantage of knowing these things but what about other new mums? That wa...

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